Splash Redesign
Charles "Splash" Otter is a cyan otter with a dark blue jean jacket. He has dark blue eyes and has a white ring on his chest. He wears no shoes or gloves and is quite stout. As a weapon, he uses the Long Hammer (it has interchangeable sizes), which he was given as a gift from Amy, but occasionally he'll attack with punches and kicks. Later on Shadow gives him his Shadow Rifle which shoots Chaos Spears (Shadow is able to this himself without the weapon) as a present for helping him defeat Black Doom. He can't run but he matches it in terrific swimming skills. He grew up in an orphanage with Amy whom is Splash's best friend. Splash also has a mysterious connection with the Chaos Rings. Knuckles could sense this about him and gave them to him, as he had kept them for so long. With these rings, Splash can turn into Chaos Splash and is invincible. However he can only go into this form when overcome by negative emotions. He once saved the people from Station Square when Perfect Chaos was destroying said city. Splash had absorbed his energies and was granted the power of Hydrokinesis (can control water). He was also given a medal for his bravery. Later he met Aurora on Prison Island. He fell in love with her and proposed to her on the ARK when it was hurdling towards the earth, thinking it would be their last moment together.
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