Sonic Universal: Planet Warp is the seventh story in Sonic Universe and the shortest.

Always LakeEdit

It has been 2 days since the events of The War BEGINS!"This is a Anti-Mobius, right?" Sonic asked. "Yes," everyone replied. "Well, since Little Planet has just left a few days ago from Never Lake, shouldn't Little Planet be here? " Sonic says. "You have a good point," Tails said. They then rush to Anti-Never Lake, A.K.A Always Lake. "Well, here's the place," said Sonic. "We need to get up there somehow," said Knuckles. "It's a good thing I put rocket boosters in the suits then," said Tails. "Awesome ability you put in there Tails! Now I can get the Time Stones and tell my past self all the test answers!" said Lightning. "Well, anyways, let's go," said Darkness. They then went up to Little Planet.

Mectalic SpeedwayEdit

They went to Stardust Speedway and explored around. At the end of the zone and the entrance to Metalic Madness, Lightning saw a pink hedgehog named Maim. "MAIM!" screamed Lightning "LIGHTNING!" screamed Maim. They hugged. "Umn, you know each other?" asked Hyper. "We met a few months ago. But then we were split up when Eggman took over. Now where back together. Forever," said Maim. "Well, anyways, we should go back to Mobius now, shouldn't we?" asked Tails. "How?" asked Sonic. "We have the Chaos Emeralds. We can use Chaos Control." said Tails. "Okay. Let's do it." said Sonic. "CHAOS, CONTROL!" said everyone. They went back 3 days later, the final day of that year for Little Planet to be with Mobius.They then flew down, with Lighting holding Maim. Now, they must fight for Mobius' fate.