A New BeginingEdit

"Running from Eggman is hard, isn't it? I used to have to all the time,"Sonic told Darkness. "Crap, SWATBots hot on our trail," Darkness said. "We need to get moving," Shadow said. "Mystic Ruins are safe, let's go there," Tails told everybody. They started running to the Mystic Ruins. "Man, this is worse than last time I was being chased by Eggman," Darkness said, breathing heavily after running to the Mystic Ruins. "This is a total war for Mobius," said Sonic. "Wait, what about Moebius? What happened there?" Tails said. Everyone was silent for a bit, unitl Darkness broke the silence, "Knuckles, get your Warp Ring, it's time to go to Moebius."

Confusing EmeraldEdit

At the Warp Ring, they saw a familiar face: Scourge. "What are you doing here?" asked Sonic. "Getting home," replied Scourge, "using the Warp Ring," he pauses and lifts something out of the pocket of his jacket, " and this Chaos Emerald." Not on my watch," said Sonic, starting to Spin Dash into Scourge. Scourge jumps into the Warp Ring, but so does Sonic, into not Moebius, but the Warp of Confusion.

The Final SlashesEdit

"Scourge, only one of us are getting out, and that's me," said Sonic. "It's the other way around," said Scourge. Sonic spin dashed into Scourge, but Scourge moved away and attacked him with a Chaos Sphere. Sonic Homing-Attacked Scourge, but it didn't hurt him much. Next though, Sonic had came behind Scourge and took the Chaos Emerald from him. "Chaos, LANCE!" Sonic said. A swarm of Chaos Lances came from behind Sonic and shot Scourge. Sonic had spin-dashed into Scourge once more, fainting, almost dead. Sonic put his hand up to his heart. "No longer beating," Sonic said, " I didn't mean to kill him, but it was what had to be done." He took hold of the Emerald tightly now. "Chaos, CONTROL!" He went back to Mobius, with the Chaos Emerald. "Hey guys I'm, back?" Sonic looked into the distance and saw a place up ahead with Darkness', Tails', and Knuckles' faces on it saying, "$250,000 per person turned into Dictator Eggman." "Dictator?" Sonic asked himself, "What's happened in the past 5 minutes?" Tails runs to Sonic, "Good to have you back, but what's been going on? You haven't been here for 5 months!" Tails tells Sonic. "Oh yeah, this is a nice welcome back from Eggman," Sonic says, "The Warp of Confusing is really wierd with time." "Well, we need to dethrone Eggman. Tails, can you tell me what's happened in the last 5 months?" "Sure thing," said Tails.