Sonic Universal

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The Shadow Of Darkness

Based on:

Archie Comics

Preceded by:

Sonic X-Treme Fighting Tournament (chronologically after issue 9)

Succeded by:

Not yet announced.

Sonic Universal is a series created by The Shadow Of Darkness.

Arc 1: A New FreedomEdit

The Fight for Mobius: Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, and Darkness go to New Mobotropolis and fight Eggman, but he bombs it. Then he goes looking around and finds NICOLE, Bunnie, Antonie, Hershey, and Rotor. Eggman then comes in and takes everyone Sonic found, Knuckles, and Tails, after fighting Sonic in the Egg Dragoon. They then go to Angel Island, finding Ixis Naxgus and Gefforey fighting Team Chaotix and Julie-Su. Naxgus is killed and turned into the 3 original wizards. Gefforey joins the Freedom Fighters. After that, they go to the Mystic Ruins and find Lightning, Sandra, and Flynn.They then go on and find Team Dark in a aboandoned G.U.N. base. Eggman finds them and adubts Team Dark, Charmy, Vector, and Espio. They then go on to the Death Egg.

The Master Heist:

Blinding Light:

Metal Doom:

No-Zone is Enough for Them:


Arc 2: The Eggman Strikes BackEdit

The War BEGINS!:

Planet Warp:

The First Of Many:

The Islands Of Time:


Arc 3: The War For MobiusEdit

Coming soon...