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Chapter 1EditEdit

In the far reaches of the universe in an alternate dimension lies a large planetoid, Planet Charnl. Home of the legendary Hedgechidnas, and many other cross-hybrids and creatures. There are many islands, countries, and resorts on Charnl but one stands one the most. In the shape of a hibiscus lies, Island Cafe Island where the Stingrays Clan reside. Named by thier plentiful large and flying stingrays that grace the skies every sunrise and sunset. It is also home of the Royal Islands Host Family of Johnny the Chief and Angie the Fox. About 35 years ago Johnny met Angie while she was visiting from the Purple Palm Trees Islands. Thier eyes met and they both knew they would be together forever. After getting married, Angie moves to the castle with him and 1 year later they have thier first baby, Angiela, a elegently beautiful green-eyed, butterfly-winged, black ocelot. She is now grown up and is currently 30 years old, then they had Amanda, a now 24-year-old giraffe who, when 16, met the love of her life, a hedgehog named Tavares. Who recently turned 27. A couple more years later the last daughter was born, Camry, a hedgchidna. They honored her because she was a new generation of 'legendary ones'. She is now 12 years old. She lives her day exploring and running around the island for adventure with her best friend, Crain, a hot pink, hybrid. She found him when he was wondering through Coconut Resort, recently rediculed because of his unmanly color. Those were you're main characters....

Meanwhile in another universe and dimension, Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles 'Tails' Prower, and Knuckles the Echidna race on thier hover-cycles to Eggman's New 'Hidden' Hideout. "Hey, Tails, don't you think we should alert the others just for emergencies?" Knuckles asked. "No need, Knux! We can handle this!" Sonic smirked. "I don't know Sonic, you never can know with Eggman." Tails commented. "Right! So do it." Knuckles said. "Go ahead." Sonic shrugged, "But I'm pretty sure we can do this by ourselves." They continued until they reached the base. "Okay Team, get ready for Wall-Breaking Hyper-Drive!" Tails shouted as Sonic sped to the front as Knuckles and himself came in close to him side-by-side. They all pulled a lever and all was left was a multi-colored blur and a large gaping hole. "Whew, I was really worried that that wouldn't work." Sonic sighed. "Don't break now! Let's go!" Knuckles shouted as he sped off and the alarms came on. Tails and Sonic followed close behind. "Sonic! Look out!" Tails shouted as a robot swung at his head but missed by an inch when he ducked. "Heh heh." Sonic gave a thumbs up. He then jumped out of his seat and spin attacked the robot that instantly blew to bits on impact. Sonic landed and sped forward after Knuckles. Tails followed suit. "Man, Eggman really let himself go with these robots. They're a piece of cake!" Sonic commented as he and Tails used thier missile launchers to attack the rest. "You said it!" Tails agreed. "Would you two stop talking and and start attacking! Here comes more of them!" Knuckles growled. "Calm down, Knuckles. Besides these are just run-down robots. Barely put up a fight!" Sonic said. "I don't care if they're tin cans! Just do what I say!" Knuckles ordered. "Since when were you the leader?!" Sonic asked a hint of anger in his voice. "Since you left!" Knuckles answered. "I was barely gone a month!" Sonic defended. "You were gone longer than a month, Sonic! In your head it was less than a month! In your impatient little brain!" Knuckles shouted. Sonic and Knuckles went head to head. "Um.. you guys?!" Tails said. "I'll make you pay for what you just said!" Sonic threatened. "Guys!" Tails shouted. "Bring it, Sonic! I can beat you anywhere anyday!" Knuckles clenched his fist. "GUYS!!!" Tails shouted his loudest. "What!!!???" Sonic and Knuckles snapped in synch. "Look!" Tails pointed. A large robot arose from the floor. "Whoa!" Sonic and co. skidded to a stop. "I think we might need some help on this." Tails said as he lifted his protective-glasses to his forehead.

"Hey. Someone's trying to contact me." Amy Rose said as a beep emitted from the screen. Tails came on screen. "It's Tails!" Amy shouted in glee, "Tails! I haven't seen you in months! Is Sonic with you!?" "Yeah, about that we need your help right away! A giant robot's attacking us! It's super strong and we're having trouble! Tell Rouge and the others!" Tails shouted. "On it!" Amy winked. "Hurry! Tails out!" the screen turned black and Amy took off to find Rouge. She found her by a lake. "Rouge! Tails and the others need us!" Amy shouted. "They're in trouble again? Ugh. You guys owe me alot of gems for all the trouble you're putting me through." Rouge said. "We don't owe you anything, Rouge. You don't get paid for being good things, but you do get lots of publicity!" Amy giggled. "Yeah. Whatever. Let's get going." Rouge said and flew ahead. "Hey! Wait up! WAIT FOR ME!!" Amy ran after her.

"Rgahhh!" Sonic punched into the robot but was thrown to the floor when the robot countered. Sonic got back up, clutching his shoulder, "Knuckles! You give it a shot!" "Heh! Now it's time for the real hero!" Knuckles grinned and attacked the robot leaving a large hole in the center where the curcuits were. "Now you can attack.." Knuckles smirked. Sonic frowned but still spin-balled into the curcuits which deactivated the robot and it fell to the floor.

They got on thier hover-cycles and rode back. "Yah! Go Knuckles!" Tails cheered. "A-and you Sonic." he added. Sonic smiled half-heartedly. "Hey you can go ahead and tell the others that thier assistance is no longer necessary, thanks to me!" Knuckles gloated. Sonic shook his head and sped a little faster to the front. Before he could give a smart remark there was a violent shaking from the ground. He stopped and paused before speaking, "Did you guys feel that?". "You too?" Tails said. "I wonder where it's coming from..." Sonic thought.

"That's for me to know and for you to soon find out, hedgehog." Eggman grinned from above in his hidden lair as he watched Sonic and co. on a screen. "What do you intend to do, boss?" Cubot asked. "I've told you a million times Cubot! Listen this time! I set this base up as a trap for the most sinister plot I have ever created! My robot will eliminate Sonic once and for all, but in an event that he does survive I have gathered all the Choas Emeralds to create Chaos Control to send him and his little buddies far, far away! While we will be miles away from impact! Genius, no?" Eggman explained. "... Wait, what were you saying?" Cubot responded, confused. "YOU STUPID BUCKET OF BOLTS! JUST GO MAN THE STATIONS AND READY THE ATTACKS!", he turned back to the screen, "I've finally got you my blue friend!"

"I bet it was just you and Tails' crazy imagination. Let's just go." Knuckles said as he got back on his cycle. Suddenly they were risen from the ground and thrown to the sky. "Wgahh!" they all screamed. "What is this?!" Knuckles shouted. "Heads down!" Sonic alerted and pointed as a robotic hand swiped at them. "Hold on!" Tails grabbed Sonic, and Knuckles grabbed Sonic as Tails flew out of reach. They landed on a nearby ledge. "I thought that was it!" Tails said. "Well, apparently not! Sonic glanced. "Look-out!" Knuckles pushed Sonic in the way as the hand reached for him. It picked up Sonic. "Sonic!!!" Tails cried out. Sonic struggled with the robot's grip as he tried his best to break free. "Knuckles! We've got to do something!" Tails shook him. "The Chaos Emeralds..." Knuckles said. "Great idea, Knuckles! But how are going to get them in time to save Sonic?" Tails asked. "NO! The Chaos Emeralds! THE ROBOT HAS THEM!" Knuckles grabbed Tails and showed him. "Oh no! Sonic's in real trouble now! I really hope Amy and Rouge arrive here soon!" Tails worried.

"Here it is. Eggman's new 'base'." Rouge said. "Keep a look out! This could be a trap!" Amy alarmed. "Oh please, stop worrying so much. I'm sure your 'boyfriend' is perfectly fine." Rouge assured. "I hope you're right." Amy wondered. "So if you're done, moping around, I'd like to get moving some time soon." Rouge snapped. "Right! Let's go!" Amy gleamed. "Thank you." Rouge said in a sing-song way.

"Rgooahh." Sonic groaned as he was thrown into a wall for the third time in a row, "I-is that all you've...- you've got?" "That hedgehog, can take quite a beating, can he. But I can see he's weakining out. And soon I'll have him on his knees." Eggman laughed. "Unless Amy and Rouge come to save him. Like they always do." Orbot said. "SHUT-UP!" Eggman growled. "No I mean really, Amy and Rouge are in the base as we speak sir. They're heading this way." Orbot commented. "NO! No! No! No! No! Those pesky girls will ruin my plan! Release all robots! Get those pests!" Eggman demanded. "Yes sir!" Orbot pressed a button and thousands of robots were sent off. "There's nothing but smashed robots here!" Amy kicked a scrap. "Then that means that Sonic and the others have already been here." Rouge said. "I see. Those guys! Rahhh! Diving in without us! The nerve of them!" Amy stomped her foot, angry. "That's how boys are, they don't wait for the lady they think the lady should wait on them. Only a real gentlemen would wait for his girl. Apparently your Sonic isn't-" "DON'T YOU SAY A THING ABOUT SONIC!" Amy shouted in her face. "Okay. Okay. I was only kidding." Rouge shrugged. Amy stoped glaring and looked around. "Rouge? Is that you humming?" Amy asked. "Do I hum?" Rouge answered sarcastically. "Look!" Rouge gasped as the robots came towards thrm. "We've got company!" Rouge grinned.

Sonic collapsed to the ground on his knees. "Y-you're pretty k-know." he fell over exhausted. "Heh. I've got him." Eggman smiled. The robot picked up Sonic in a tight grip and the windows of the housed Chaos Emeralds opened as the Emeralds gleamed a bright glow. Sonic opened his eyes and looked around him. "SONIC!!!" Tails shouted at the top of his lungs. Sonic glanced over to him. "Tails..." he said then blacked out. "Knuckles! I've got to save him!" Tails said. "No! If you get caught in Chaos Control too then you'll be sent with him!" Knuckles held on to Tails. "I don't care! He's my best friend and if he's going somewhere I'm going with him!" Tails yanked free of Knuckles' grip and flew up to the white orb. "I'm coming for you, Sonic." was the last thing Tails said as Choas Control happned. "Tails!" Knuckles shouted then quickly scurried to his cycle, zooming off as fast as he possibly could. Eggman was also escaping above him. "Oh goodie, two little punks in one plan. Genius!" Eggman said as he watched. "Wow! Did he send out his whole fleet?" Amy said. "It seems like it." Rouge agreed. "Hey! Watch out!" Knuckles shouted as he sped towards them. "Knuckles!" Rouge and Amy said. "Hold on!" Knuckles grabbed both girls as he kept going. "But what about Sonic!?!?" Amy whined. "We have no time! We need to leave now!" Knuckles shouted as he picked up his speed. He made it out of the base and kept riding intul they were miles away. Knuckles stopped and watched as the white orb kept growing then. With a deafening boom the base exploded in blinding colors. Amy sobbed as she clutched Knuckles. Rouge watched in mixed shock as well. "Nooooo!" Amy cried. "Where did they go?" Rouge asked and turned to Knuckles. "You can never know with Chaos Control." Knuckles responded, his eyes closed. "Where's Tails? Did he make it out?" Rouge inquired. "He went after Sonic." Knuckles responded. "What?! Is he crazy?!" Rouge said. "He said Sonic is his best friend and if he's going somewhere he's coming with him." Knuckles said. "Now that's true friendship." Rouge said. "Talk about it." Knuckles replied. "I wonder where they are now.." Rouge thought.

Chapter 2EditEdit

Sonic opened his eyes slowly. He heard the ocean roaring with waves. And smelled the scent of coconuts and pineapples. He groaned as he glanced side to side. As he sat up he rubbed his head, "Where am I?" he wondered. "Hey, you're awake, thank goodness, I thought I lost a visitor." a blue parrot said as he approuched Sonic. "W-who are you?" Sonic asked. "Oh forgive me, I'm Kranil, the resort's chief. Welcome to Palm Tree Resorts on Island Cafe' Island!" Kranil welcomed Sonic. "Island Cafe' Island? Where am I?" Sonic shook his head confused. "You're not from here are you, buddy?" Kranil observed. "No. Not really. In fact I'm not really sure how I ended up here." Sonic said. "That's terrible. Did you lose your memory or somethin'? Anyways you're on Planet Charnl. And if you need an expert of the seas and lands 'round this globe I'm the guy to go to. Now..., what's your name, blue-guy." Kranil asked. "I'm Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog. It's nice to meet you Kranil. But you see I've got to get going. I'll give you holler if I'll need your help anytime. Thanks for savin' me." Sonic smiled. "Oh I got it, you wanna do more sight-seeing. Okay. Well your cycle's out in the front if you're looking for it. Nice to encounter you, Sonic the Hedgehog!" Kranil waved. "Just call me, Sonic." he said then took off. Sonic walked up to his cycle. "Great! Still good as new!" Sonic smiled. "Now. Where to go.." Sonic thought. He looked over to his steering bar a rolled up scroll was tied to it. Sonic walked over to it and untied the scroll he unrolled it and it was a map of the planet. A note appeared taped to it. 'Good luck, Sonic.' Sonic looked around shocked. He spotted Kranil who winked at him. Sonic smiled back. "Now. Let's see. The closest place here is the Stringrays Clan. Hm. Sounds... intriging." Sonic skimmed over the map. "Guess I'm off." Sonic hopped on his cycle and zoomed the other way. Kranil gave a devious smile, "Heh. Heh. He's arrived."

"Sonic!" Tails gasped awake. He breathed heavily as he looked at his surroundings. Everyone was looking at him. Tails got to his feet. "I've got to find him!" Tails ran in a random direction. Camry and Crain looked at each other. "What do you suppose that was about?" Crain asked. Camry shrugged, "He's a kid." "Yeah. So are we." Crain said. "No. We're preteens. Let's go after him!" Camry grabbed Crain and zoomed after Tails. In no time they appeared in front of him. "Whoa!" Tails cried as he couldn't stop and slammed into them. They all collapsed into a heap of groans. "You should watch where you're going, next time." Tails commented. They all got up and dusted themselves off. "We're sorry, hey nice tails!" Camry complimented. "Um.. thanks. I don't really get compliments like that... nice um... choker." Tails returned. "Thanks. Anyways I couldn't help but notice that you're not from here." Camry said. "No, I'm not actually. In fact, I'm looking for a blue hedgehog, more or less a blue blur. He goes pretty fast. Have you seen him?" Tails asked them. "No, sorry. We haven't. Hey. What's your name?" Camry asked. "Miles Prower. But my friends call me Tails." Tails said. "Well we're friends, nice to meet yah, Tails. Fits you. My name's Camry. And this dude over here's Crain." Camry shook his hand. "Nice to meet you too, Camry and Crain. Are you two siblings?" Tails asked. "Oh-ho no. Just best friends." Camry said. "Oh okay. So you guys wanna help me find him. His name is Sonic. I can tell you everything I know about him on the way." Tails said as they started walking. "Cool." Camry said.

Sonic stopped as he approuched a cliff. "Rggh. Another one?!" Sonic sighed, "That's the 3rd one." He revved back up and turned around. "There's gotta be someone around here.. a village... or town.. or at the least a house..." Sonic said to himself. Suddenly he heard music coming from the island across the water. "Great. Civilization is on the water. Great! Just great! This couldn't get any better!" Sonic moaned as he put his head in his palm. "Hey! Hey Sonic!" someone shouted. Sonic looked up. "Tails?" was his first thought. "No! It's me! Kranil ordered me to get you across the sea safely to Island Cafe' Island." a girl cat ran to him. "Hello. My name's Evalese. I'll be you temporary captain for today." she said taking Sonic's hand. "What about my bike?" Sonic asked. "Oh yes. You can take it aboard." Evalese nodded. Sonic walked the bike onto the small ship and Evalese sailed off. "How did Kranil know I couldn't swim?" Sonic questioned, suspicious. "Y-you don't look like a swimmer... I-I guess." Evalese said nervously. "I guess I don't.. or maybe... he might already know me." Sonic looked up. Evalese leaned her finger into a button, about to push it. "Or maybe...-nah... I guess he's a mind-reader, huh?" Sonic said. "chief Kranil is many things. But I'm pretty sure he's not a mind-reader." Evalese glanced at him through the corner of her eyes. "Then how would he know I can't swim?" Sonic asked. "It'd be best if you stopped asking so many questions!" Evalese breathed, "Sorry. I can't stand when people ask too many questions." "No problem, I can't stand when people lie. You know like lying to me that a certain person sent me a ship and a captain. Or that I'll be safely landed." Sonic smirked. "Hy-ah!" Evalese striked at Sonic but he dashed out of the way before she could respond. "Huh?" she wondered and looked around. She saw Sonic trying to escape on his hover-cycle. "Stop right there, hedgehog! Or the fox gets it!" Evalese threatened. "Tails?!" Sonic frowned, "What have you done to him?!" "Nothing yet! Just a little spying. But if you make a single move all I have to do is alert headquarters and it's bye bye foxy." Evalese smirked evily. Sonic froze. "Come here." Evalese motioned towards him still clutching the communicator. Sonic walked towards her. "Sit down." Evalese commanded. Sonic sat down on the bench. "Sit still." Evalese pulled the safety rope from it's hook and used it to tie up Sonic. Ankles, wrists, and all. "You're not gonna get away with this." Sonic clenched his teeth. "True. But if I do this-" Evalese tossed Sonic over-board. "- then I might get away with it! Sayonora, Sonic!" Sonic struggled to break free from his binds as he drifted slowly to the deep waters. He attempted to wriggle out of the wrist ties and acted quickly to untie his ankle binds. He bursted as quick as he could to the surface and made it out just in time. He took deep breaths as he searched for the ship. He spotted it not to far away and poorly swam to it. "The hedgehog has been eliminated, sir." Evalese smiled. "Good. Now. For the fox. He's on that island you're heading to. I want him dead or alive!" Kranil's voice came from her watch. Sonic popped out of the water and side-kicked Evalese across the face knocking her to the ground. She shook her head and looked up at him, a glare in her eyes. "You take me to that island or I'll toss you over-board." Sonic threatened. "You can't hit a girl!!!" Evalese growled as she punched Sonic in the nose causing him to bleed a little bit. He wiped it with the back of his hand. "Yeesh. You hit pretty hard, girly. But I can hit harder." Sonic spin-balled into her back to the ground. She whined. "You jerk!" she growled. "Oh please, cry me a river. Now either get up and get me to that island or let me pull you up and toss you into the water." Sonic smirked, "So I guess you have no choice but to be my captain again." Sonic held out his hand. She grabbed it and pulled him down with her. She got up and kicked him upside the head and punched him in the gut as she pushed him almost over-board but he refused. She pushed and so did he. "You give up!" Sonic asked. "No! Never! You can't break me!" Evalese shouted. "Maybe so but I've learned cats don't like to swim as well." Sonic smirked. Evalese loosened her effort then regained it quickly, "That's just a rumor." she frowned. "Well if it's a rumor then lets take a dip shall we?" Sonic pushed her into the water but, frightened, she clawed onto Sonic's chest and dragged him in with her. "OwW!" She dragged him deeper, and deeper and deeper. Sonic was losing consciousness as they kept going and going. Evalese opened her eyes and noticed that she was deep enough she shook Sonic off of her and bonked him on the head, he blacked out almost instantly. She swam back up to the boat. She climbed back on board and left. "That hedgehog's a tricky one! Don't be suprised if he shows up somewhere else! Evalese out!" she reported then signed off furious.

"Wow! So Sonic's a super fast hedgehog?! I never would of thought of that! Are all people from your world as exciting as you and him?" Camry asked. He sounds so.... amazing...' "Well not everyone. But I can name a few others. There's Knuckles, he's and echidna with super powerful fists, he's part of our team, he brings the power to us. Then there's Amy, she's a hedgehog like Sonic, literally she's obsessed with Sonic and he's all she thinks about, anyways she's pretty threatening with her hammer. Even sends chills down Sonic's spine. Haha." Tails said. "Amy? Is she his girlfriend?" Camry said a little saddened. I knew he'd be taken...' "Well 'self-proclaimed' girlfriend." Tails said. Camry lifted her head and smiled. Maybe...' "Anyways, there's Rouge, she use to be a jewel thief, but now she works with us, she's pretty sassy. Then there's Shadow.... he's.... a unforgettable friend we lost earlier... in a way he's the opposite of Sonic, but he was always there when we needed him. He sacrificed himself for all of us." Tails started to tear up. Camry and Cain looked at Tails who had stopped. "Hey, it's ok. I bet he was a real great person." Crain said. "Hehe. Sorry about that. There's lots of others but it's too long of a list to say. But. I do have one last person, Dr.Eggman he's a evil genius that is mind-bent on ruling our world. But luckily Sonic has always thrwarted every single plan." Tails said. "Except for this one." Camry commented. "Right." Tails grinned. "Hey what's that near the shore?" Camry pointed. "It'" Crain said. "SONIC!!!" Tails took off running through the sand to his fallen friend's side. He picked up Sonic's limp body and checked for a heartbeat. "He's still has a pulse... but it's weak.." Tails started to cry as he clutched Sonic in his arms. "I'm so sorry, Tails." Camry said as she kneeled down next to him. She stared at Sonic's lifeless face. He looks peaceful.. even when he's unconscious.' "Please, you need to help me! He's my best friend!" Tails begged them. Sonic started to stir. "Please.." Crain noticed. "Shh. Wait. Look." he pointed. Sonic opened his eyes. "Tails?" he muttered. "Sonic!" Tails hugged him tightly, Sonic wrapped his arms around him in return. "Come on guys. Let's get Sonic to my house. The nurse will take care of him there." Camry said.

Later at the Royal Family's Castle, home of Camry. Sonic, Tails, Camry, and Crain were all resting in the living room. "Are you feeling better, Sonic?" Tails asked. "Yeah, thanks for saving me, Tails." Sonic replied. Tails smiled. "No problem." "Oh yeah, I forgot to introduce my new friends to you, I met them while I was searching for you. She's Camry. And he's Crain." Tails gestured. "Nice to meet you Camry and Crain. Are you two brother and sister?" Sonic asked. "Why does everyone think that?!" Camry groaned. "Hehe. We're just friends." Crain laughed. "Oh. Hey. Are those rings on your shoes and belt?" Sonic noticed. "Yeah. My father exports them from another world. There's thousands of them there." Camry said. "So you don't say? Those rings come from our world." Sonic said. "They are?! You live in the land of rings?" Camry smiled largely. "Well, we don't call it the land of rings, we just call it home." Sonic shrugged. "Your world sounds so amazing..." Camry gleamed. "It is. But once you've seen everything more than once like me you don't really find it as amazing anymore." Sonic commented. "I've heard you're pretty fast. When you feel up to it maybe we could have a race." Camry suggested. "Sure. Why not. In fact I'll race you now." Sonic got up. "You're on." Camry smirked. Sonic readied himself. "Wait! Let's start when we get outside." Camry grabbed him and ran him to the back door. She thrusted open the large doors and a beautiful pasture unfolding in front of them. Sonic gawked in awe. "Wow. I've never seen anything so... magnifecent." "Well, now you have. Are you ready to race?" Camry asked. "I wouldn't like to ruin a scene like this." Sonic said. "Don't worry. We won't ruin it." Camry asssured him. He looked again then nodded. "All right. Get ready. Set. GO!" Camry blazed off in a trail of orange. Sonic, blinked then ran after her. Finally when he caught up with her he asked her about her speed, "I didn't know you could run that fast." Sonic gleamed. "There's a lot of things you don't know about me." Camry winked. "Yeah, well there's a lot of things you don't know about me." Sonic then ran off in a blur. "Wow!" Camry then sped off after him. Soon they were neck-to-neck again. "You're fast. But not fast enough." Camry said. "You're gonna regret you said that!" Sonic smiled then took off at hyper speeds. Camry went after him. "Miss me?" Sonic asked as she met him at the gate. "Wow... never have I met... someone with such.. great speed." Camry gasped. "Never have I met someone that can truely rival my speed." Sonic grinned. Camry blushed but quickly covered it. She then fell to her knees clutching her chest. Sonic rushed over to her. "Hey. Are you okay?!" he asked as he helped her up. "I'm sorry Sonic, I can't push myself that far, I have super weak lungs..." Camry said staring at him. Her eyes.. they're so.. beautiful...' "Hey, don't sweat it. Just let me get you back into the house." Sonic picked her up and ran towards the house. Tails and Crain watched from the doorway and were there to help Camry and Sonic. "Is she okay?" Crain asked. "Does she need any help?" Tails inquired along with him. "No, she just needs to rest." Crain took her from Sonic and planted her on the couch. Sonic watched in dismay as he put a blanket on top of her, and held her hand. That Crain seems to have a strong relationship with her ...' "Come on Sonic, let's get going." Tails said and walked off. Sonic followed suit but turned back to look at Camry and Crain. He shook his head. Then kept walking again. "Wait!" Camry's voice came. Sonic turned. "You can stay here! I doubt you have a place to stay!" Sonic smiled. "We wouldn't want to be taking advantage of you." Tails said. "No please! It's my pleasure! Stay here as long as you want! You're both welcomed here anyday!" Camry assured them. "Well if it's your pleasure then It's our pleasure." Sonic winked. Camry smiled. 'I'll finally have a chance!'

Chapter 3EditEdit

"Sonic." Sonic opened his eyes. "He's awake." Tails said, "You wanna come with us to the Falls, Sonic?" "Falls?" Sonic questioned. "They're the Resort Falls. At Palm Tree Resorts." Camry said. "Palm Tree Resorts..." Sonic wondered, recalling the craziest day yestered, a question echoed in his mind, 'Who's after me here?' "Sure." Sonic replied, a little side-tracked.

"Sonic! How are yah buddy? I heard you had quite the drench." Kranil said, his arm on Sonic's shoulder. "Yeah. But I'm okay now." Since yesterday, Sonic seldom trusted Kranil. "I'm so sorry she turned out to be evil. She's been my friend for ages. I guess you can't really trust anyone." Kranil shook his head. Sonic stepped away from him. 'What a liar.' he thought. "Hey if you ever need help again just call for me. I've got your back bud." Kranil winked. Sonic was getting tired of all the lies he was getting feed. Soon he had enough, "Well, nice to see you Kranil. Bye." Sonic walked away rather feircly. "What was that about?" Tails asked Sonic. Sonic closed his eyes, "He sent that girl on purpose. For some reason I believe he's an ally of Eggman. I don't want any part of him. I knew I shouldn't trust him... All the things he knew. I was blind,.. but now I see.." Sonic continued walking. Camry looked at Tails. Tails shrugged. "What's wrong with Sonic?" Camry asked. "He thinks Kranil is evil." Tails said. "I don't think. I know." Sonic said. "Listen here, hedgehog!!!" Camry pushed Tails out of the way and glared and Sonic. "Kranil is a good man, Sonic! And the way you mistreated him and talk behind his back just infuriates me!" Camry shouted. Sonic was near speechless. Camry toned down and continued walking. Sonic glanced over at Tails, who gave Sonic a small and quick smirk. Sonic shook his head, "They don't believe me. But soon they will. Hopefully.."

The trip to Resort Falls fell silent and when they arrived they all went seperate ways. Except for Crain and Tails who decided to stick together. Sonic couldn't help but feel guilty when he saw Camry stomp off somewhere. "But I'm not guilty. Kranil is evil and I'm gonna show her.", Sonic whispered to himself. He then slowly walked off towards her trying not to make himself noticable. "I know Kranil's not evil.." He heard Camry sigh when he got close enough. "But Sonic... he seems so trustworthy. Tails says he would never lie to a friend. Maybe I'm not a friend..." Camry though aloud to herself. "You are my friend, Camry." Sonic whispered to himself. She looked around, "Who said that?" she wondered. Sonic ran as fast as he could before she could notice. "Probably was just in my head." she sighed.

"Man, I thought you said that Sonic was a nice guy. I haven't heard nothin' so insulting in my life! Get down on good man Kranil..." Crain mumbled. "Well he really is once you get to know him." Tails argued, a little insulted. "Well he ain't making a good impression to me or Camry, yet! All he did was make her cry. Man, her and Kranil go faaaarr BACK." Crain smiled thinking about it. "Really?" Tails asked. "Yah, man. Kranil's live here for years ever since he was born," Crain's smile slowly faded, "Then his parents died. He was left alone just arriving at a teenager. Mr. John and Mrs. Angie took him in when they were just married. He was thier unofficial first kid." "Wow....! I never would of thought of that." Tails said suddenly feeling very disappointed at Sonic's previous behavior. "Yah. That's what's so disrespective of Sonic. He ain't be here for 2 days and he already bagging on the best person around these parts!" Crain shouted banging his fist to the ground. "I'm sorry, Crain. He didn't know." Tails shook his head as he glanced at Sonic with a 'You've made a BIG mistake' look.

Sonic replied with a 'Don't give me that look' look. He then turned off somewhere more towards the waterworks of the falls. "Why is everyone against me? How can they not see? It's almost obvious. Or.. is it just me?" Sonic thought as he lost all his thoughts admiring the crystal-clear water run over the smooth narrow rocks. "I bet Camry hates me." Sonic continued. He stopped. "ARGH! Stop thinking about her!" he grabbed his head in frustration as he kept walking. "Ow." he said as something shiny struck his eye. He looked towards the direction of the paining glow. "Could that be?" Sonic squinted. "It is! A Chaos Emerald!" He smiled. "So they did land here?" he walked over to the spot where it was. "No!" he screamed as his foot kicked the Emerald over the edge. Without thinking, the aquaphobic hedgehog dived in after the gem. "I really should of thought this through.." Sonic thought to himself.

Chapter 4EditEdit

"What was he thinking?! He could've died!" a muffled voice came, sounding as the owner of a female. "What if he was..." another voice came, that of a male. "Sonic would never do that." a kid's voice sounded. "Yeah but like Kranil said, you can never really know a person." the female's voice said. Sonic then heard the slightest of a sigh from the kid. "Go see if he's awake." female commanded. The sound of a chair scraping the floor was heard. Sonic's eyes fluttered as he struggled to keep consciousness. "Son-" Darkness.

Sonic's eyes flashed open as he looked at his surroundings. White walls. Everywhere. White. A white linen lined bed. A IV Machine that led to the IV on his index finger. "Why am I in a hospital?" Sonic wondered. He looked down at his arms and legs. Etched with bruises and bandages he now remembered why. As he was falling he was tossed and washed over by the falls and the narrow rocks that it flowed down. Then with a sickly loud BAM he hit the water and drowned to the bottom. Before he closed his eyes, for what looked like to him, forever, Tails and Camry were coming in after him. "Camry and Tails, where are they?" he thought. On the table next to his bed was a bouquet of flowers and a note. He picked up the note and read it.

Sonic, by the time you read this we'll probably be already at my place but here goes. I don't like in any way,shape, or form the way you bad-talk Kranil. But I also don't like how you would just jump off into a deadly fall! Tails told me before you and I even met you are terrified of water. So I don't know what brought you to do that. Did you trip? What? I'm confused. We NEED to talk. Feel better, Camry (Tails and Crain)

"She thought I did that on purpose?" Sonic said puzzled. "Oh no. The Emerald." it finally struck him. "Who knows where that thing is now..."

"Finally, a Chaos Emerald of my own! I knew that hedgehog would bring value to me!" Kranil cackled as he held the beautiful silver gem in his palm. "If I sell this I'll make millions! And finally be able to overthrow the Royal Family!" he laughed. "I don't get it Kranil. Why would you destroy the people who gave you a home when you needed one?" Evalese pointed out. "I didn't want to be housed by the Royals! I wanted my mother and father! They! Didn't have to go through losing both thier parents. They! Didn't have to fend for themselves until a light came!" Kranil bursted. "But they were your light, Kranil." Evalese shook her head. "Shut-up!!! I didn't ask you to reflect on my life! I asked you to take this gem to the security chamber, now go!!!" Kranil screeched at the top of his lungs. "You never asked me to take the gem to the chamber..." Evalese marked casually as if his meltdown didn't faze her. "Oh just take it and go." Kranil slumped and threw the emerald to her feet. She picked it up and ran for the chamber. "I swear. Good help is sooo hard to find these days." Kranil groaned then perked up a bit as he stared back at the monitor with Sonic's photo on it. "You'll make me money my blue little pest. Just keep on finding those Emeralds.."

"Sonic! You're alright!" Tails hugged his battered and bandaged friend. "Yeah. I am." he wrapped one arm around him. "Hmph. With all those bandages on I thought you were a mummy." Camry commented rudely. "Camry." Sonic said. "Sonic." Crain nodded at him as he entered the conversation. "Hey, Crain." was all Sonic could muster. Camry broke the silence, "We--" "Need to talk, I know." Sonic finished. He put up a hand signaling her to stop. Camry was taken back, "You read the note?" "As soon as I woke up." Sonic bounced his head in reply. "Will you excuse us?" Camry took Sonic and the walked into the living room, closing the door after them. "Ah man, I sure hope Camry ain't gonna end him up in the hospital again!" Crain joked. "They said they were just gonna talk." Tails said. "Tails. 'Talk' can be anything! Man! 'Talk' can be Imma kick your rear end so heard when we're outta sight or--" "Orr.. It can just mean talk." Tails ended the explanation, sometimes Crain made simple things way more violent or complicated than they needed to be.

"Sonic." Camry started but stopped, trying to gather her thoughts. She's talking to me like I'm her kid... and I'M OLDER THAN HER! Sonic kept this thought in his mind. "Camry, no. Let me talk." Sonic looked at her. "Fine." Camry sat back. "I never met to hurt your feelings or anger you. I'm just telling you the truth..." he paused, waiting for a shout or maybe even a blow to the head or gut. But Camry was as calm as she was before. "Sonic,.. you have no idea, what Kranil has went through.." Camry said, her voice chocked with tears. Sonic was taken back by her sobs he had the urge to comfort her but stayed still. "He lost his parents when he was only a teenager... my mom and dad took him in like thier own.. ever since, he has been the most broken man I've ever seen. He isn't married. And with you talking about him like that, I doubt he ever will." The anger rose into her eyes as Sonic could see the slightest of red. "You're not blaming that on me right?!" he bursted without thinking. WHAM! Sonic opened his eyes to see he was on the floor, writhing in pain. "I didn't blame you for anything, Sonic." Camry said in a very deep but light tone, that sent a shiver down his spine. She's gonna kill me! echoed through his mind. "Whoa!" Sonic shouted in suprise when Camry crashed onto him in a embrace, she squeezed tighter. "Take it easy, Camry." he said silently as he hugged her back. "I'm so sorry, Sonic. I never meant to hit you. I just can't control my anger sometimes. Especially when someone talks about Kranil." Camry got up along with him. Sonic had no idea what he just witnessed, a tantrum/breakdown/comfort...? "It's fine. Are you okay?" he came to ask, putting a hand on her shoulder. "I'm okay. I just need to calm down." Camry smiled. There's that smile again... Sonic smiled back and they left the room. They awaited questions and concerns from thier friends and readied themselves.

"How was it? Did she hit you?" Tails asked. Sonic smirked at Tails' second concern, "Only once. But it was no big deal." "What?! You didn't knock him out?! Girl, you better be joking!" Crain screamed, puzzled. "Nope. Just a little blow to the gut. He took it quite easily. I could still see it hurt him, though." Camry said. "That's mah girl!" Crain high-fived her. Sonic frowned, "Y'know Crain, now that I know Kranil's history... how did you encounter Camry?" "That ain't none of your business, hedgehog!" Crain barked. Sonic glared, Crain glared back. "Crain!" Camry shouted startled by the way he disliked Sonic, "What is your problem!!!" Crain clammed up, "I..uh.euh.." "Why are you acting so mean to Sonic?!" Camry asked. Sonic smiled, Hehheh she's on my side now buddy! Crain groaned, "Fine! I'll tell the dude my story. But he better listen 'cause I ain't repeating!" he snapped in Sonic's direction. Sonic glared again, What does he have against me? "Thank you!" Camry hugged him, Crain smiled. "Camry here met me when I was only a little kid, maybe 'round Tails' age. People use to make fun of me 'cause of my fur color." "I don't think there's anything wrong with your fur." Sonic said. "You making fun of me, hedgehog!" Crain growled taking a grip of Sonic's throat. "Crain!" Camry shreiked and yanked his hand off of Sonic. "You two need to learn to get along." Camry glared at the both of them deeply. "Since you oh so can't speak to Sonic I'll continue what you didn't have the wonderful time to." Camry punched Crain. "I met Crain when I found him sitting on the curb of Central Street, he had a cut on his face and I couldn't help but ask what happned...

"Hey, dude! Pink dude!" a young Camry exclaimed. Young Crain shivered in fear that he was gonna get made fun of again. Oh no! I'm about to get owned by a girl! This is pathetic! he whined in his head. Before he had the time to run away, Camry had planted herself next to him. "Hey. What happened?" she asked. "It ain't none of your business, girly..." Crain grumbled glaring at her partially. "You're not much the talker aren't you, kid?" Camry pressed examining Crain for a second, a look of interest on her face. "Ugh. Girl can't you see? I ain't up for saying nothin' so move along before you get hurt..." Crain nudged her. "Actually I can't see... I'm blind... at least without my glassess I forgot them at home." Camry continued unfazed by Crain's rudeness. Crain smirked and gave a small laugh under his breath, " I got hit by those guys..." He said silently. "You did?..." Camry looked up, she rose to her feet and stomped over to the gang of boys and girls in the corner. "Wha-what are you doin?! You crazy girl?!" Crain pulled at her. "Anyone who messes with my friends is not gonna get away with it!" Camry slapped his arm of her. "Hey! You!" Camry shouted, disrupting the gang. A fox, much older than her bent down into her face, "You talkin' to us, princess?!" "Who else would I be talking to? Are you stupid or something?!" Camry laughed in her face. The hedgehog next to her looked at the now fuming fox and smiled. "Yo, Heila, I got this...", he turned to Camry, "What's your name, princess?" "I'm not telling, unlike you and your gang I'm not stupid." Camry frowned. "Princess,... hm... wait... now I know who you are! You really are a Princess! Princess Camry!" the hedgehog exclaimed. "Oooh! Point 1 for Team Idiots! Keep goin' tiger!" Camry smirked and gave a mock thumbs up. "It's good that you're a Princess, cause then you got Royal Insurance! Which is what you gonna need when I knock yah into a coma!!!" hedgehog rose his fist as Camry flinched. "NOOO!!!! CAMRYYY!!!" Crain charged in and attacked him. "YOU LEAVE HER ALOOOOONNEE!!!" he screeched as he kept wailing at him. "Hey, Regie! Don't just stand there! Help me!" hedgehog cried for help. The younger looking racoon looked up at Heila. Heila gave a sick frown that said, "Don't look at me." Crain stopped pummeling the hedgehog and ran and took Camry with him. "You-you saved me.." Camry said shocked by it all. "Don't mention it, friend..." Crain winked at her. Camry smiled.

By the end of the story, Crain was grinning out the corner of his mouth. "Now you know, Sonic." Sonic stared at Crain, "I don't get how you can be mean to somone one minute then nice to them the next." "Well that's your problem not mine." Crain waved at Sonic and gave a grin before turning and leaving. Sonic was fuming, "He's doing the same thing to me!"

Chapter 5EditEdit

"I'm goin'." Sonic announced as he made it into the main room where Camry and Tails were. "Where?" Tails asked looking up from a book titled, "Stingray Technology:Volume 1". "Just out." Sonic closed the door after him. He took a paper from behind his back and overead them again. "Yeah.. out to Kranil's base that is." Sonic said as he hopped on his hover-cycle and zoomed away.

He made it to the main highway and looked around for anybody in sight. The highway was eerily silent and dead. "I have a bad feeling about this." Sonic whispered to himself. Suddenly bright lights engulfed the lanes and his mirrors. Sonic looked for what it was. A motorcycle came into view, then others. Sonic squinted. For what he saw he could see the leader was a cat. "Oh, crud... She found me." Sonic sighed and sped up. "The hedgehog's speeding up, sir." Evalese said into her communicator. "Well stop telling me useless information and catch up to him! I want him captured and brought to me ASAP!!!" Kranil commanded. "Yes, sir." Evalese nodded then turned around to her other comrades. "Guys. Let's sick em'." she snapped. They raced after Sonic in a spark. "They're catchin' up to me... looks like I'm gonna have to take them for a ride." He swerved to the left and right trying to shake them off but they stayed in perfect allignment with him. "Man, Kranil's got some good players on his team." Sonic zoomed ahead, accelerating down the highway at top speed. "He's too fast, sir." Evalese sighed. "Grrr. Send out 'Prisoner'.." Kranil growled in a tired voice. "Prisoner, sir? Did I hear that right?" Evalese repeated doubtfully. "Yes, 'Prisoner'! Now do as I say! And get a hearing check while you're at it! NO MORE INTERUPTIONS!!!" Kranil shut-off angily. "Prisoner?" Evalese moaned, in barely a voice. "Yes, Lisa?" 'Prsioner' questioned in a sinister kind of voice. "How many times do I have to tell you, stop calling me Lisa. It's Evalese!" Evalese boomed furiosly. "Yeah. Yeah. Go on?" 'Prisoner' chuckled. "Kranil asks of a favor from you." Evalese rolled her eyes. "I'm listening.." 'Prisoner' said, his voice sounding as if he was interested.

"Hmph. That was close. But also too far." Sonic smirked looking behind him. There was only darkness. Suddenly he heard the running of footsteps. He looked around for the source of the sound but found nothing. Suddenly someone had pushed him , and his body and head crashed onto the hard asphalt and rolled over to the scratchy golden wheat on the side. He opened his eyes to wild golden eyes and rough fur. "Who are you?!" Sonic exclaimed suprised. "I'm Sam Twenty! But you can call me 'Prisoner' dude! Later!" Then the mysterious stranger hopped on Sonic's bike and rode away to leave the hedgehog writhing in pain on the ground. Sonic noticed his emergency communicator had fallen out during the tumble and reached for it. "Tails? Tails?" Sonic called for him. "Sonic? Are you okay?" Tails asked worriedly. "Tails? What's wrong?" Camry's voice inquired in the background, concern in her voice. "I'm-I'm fine. Just help me. I'm on the highway..." he looked around for a sign to describe to them where he was, "I'm at the exit 3SON. Hurry.." Sonic said. He clutched his ankle in pain.

"Weren't you just here?" the doctor asked as he finished checking with Sonic. Sonic nodded, not feeling like saying anything at the moment. "Well you better have medical insurance, kid." he looked up from his clipboard. "Put it on my bill." Camry chimed in. "Are your parents okay with that young lady?" doctor asked. "Yeah, sure." Camry said. "Ma'am you're too young to be doing that without your parents' permission or a gaurdian's permission." he crossed his arms. Camry bit her lip. "I'm her gaurdian." Sonic spoke up. Camry and Tails looked to him. "You?" he asked suprised. "Yeah. I'm her cousin." Sonic said. "So you are?" doctor unfolded his arms but looked at Sonic questionably. "Yeah. Sonic. Sonic the Hedgeh-" he got a nudge from Camry, "Er, sorry, Sonic the Hedgechidna." he said. "I'll take your word for it... but I'm asking the Royals.. who you really are.." doctor left the room with no other words. "Thanks, Camry." Sonic smiled at her.

"Where have you been, Camry Hedgechidna?!" Angie, her mom, demanded to know, "I thought I told you to clean your room! And who are they?" she pointed to Sonic and Tails. "Oh, mom. They're Sonic and Tails. I met them today." Camry introduced them. "Where? At the hospital?" Angie laughed and shook the two boys' hands. "But seriously what happened to you? You look like a wreck." Angie asked Sonic. "Bike crash." Sonic answered. "No helmet. You know..." he continued. "Well nice to meet you Sonic and Tails. Now Camry go upstairs and clean your room unless you want your friends to make fun of you." Angie said. "Mom. They're my friends, they won't make fun of me." Camry said. "Whatever. Just go clean your room." Angie pointed as she walked off, broom in hand. "Come on, guys." Camry climbed up the stairs with Sonic and Tails behind her. Camry opened a door that had many bumper stickers on it, mostly popular band names. "This is my room." Camry sat down on her bed that was lined with soft velvety red sheets, and a long furry pillow. "It's not much, but I don't want much." Camry said as she relaxed on her bed, "If you want to sleep out here I have a walk-in room where you can sleep in. " Camry offered. "Walk-in.. room? I wonder what a regular room looks like around here?" Tails whispered to Sonic. "You'd get lost easily without a map.." Camry answered. "Hey, you want me to give you a tour? So you're not always lost going out and about." Camry asked. "Sure." Tails smiled. "I'm for it." Sonic shrugged.

Chapter 6EditEdit

Sonic opened his eyes to a blurry, bright world. He looked around for signs of where he was. "I must of passed out..." Sonic wondered as he soon found out he was on the couch. He looked over to see Tails wide awake working on a small device. He must've not noticed Sonic was awake. Tails rubbed his eyes tiredly, "Just a couple of more bugs... and I'll be able to get some sleep." his voiced dragged along. Tails looked up, "Sonic? You're awake too?" "I just woke up Tails, how long have you been working on that?" Sonic asked. "Ever since you fell asleep." Tails answered. "Well..., that cleared things up.." Sonic groaned for he did not remember what time he had fell asleep. "Tails,.. put that thing away and get some sleep. We have a big day later on." Sonic said as he rested his head back on the soft exterior of the couch. "What do you mean?" Tails cocked on eyebrow. "We're going to break into Kranil's base." Sonic gave a silent smug smirk. "Sonic. Let it go. Kranil isn't evil. What could a poor man like him do?" Tails shook his head in disbelief. "Stop calling him 'poor man' he's not a 'poor man' if he was a 'poor man' then why does he own his own resort?!" Sonic snarled. "Sonic! Kranil lost his parents when he was-" "Only 13 years old,..yeah, yeah, yeah. I've heard all I need to know about him." Sonic crossed his arms, from afar Tails was sort of glaring at him. "Sonic. You don't know. Kranil's not evil and I will not participate in your crazy scheme!" Tails crossed his arms in statement.

"I can't believe you're making me do this..." Tails grouched as he sat behind Sonic on his hover-cycle not enjoying his company at all at the moment. "C'mon Tails, lighten up. Soon you'll know the real truth about Kranil." Sonic smiled. "You know for a person who hates liars, you're telling me a lot of lies right now." Tails refused to see Sonic's side. Sonic glared at Tails, "You're coming, Tails. End of descussion." Sonic growled. "Fine. But I won't like it." Tails moaned. Sonic rolled his eyes and hopped on the bike, riding off.

"Now Tails.. keep an eye out for a cat. If you see one tell me. 'Cause we'll get in real trouble if we run into her." Sonic warned. Tails bobbed his head up and down, apparently not listening. "Tails, are you listening to me?!" Sonic snapped. "Yeah, Sonic. I am." Tails waved him off. "Then what'd I just say?" Sonic asked. Tails sat silently. "Look, I don't care if you don't care about me, but think about yourself! If we get caught you're the first one they're gonna take in case they can't catch me." Sonic said. Tails sat up, He's right. "Fine! But I'm not doing it for you, I'm doing it for me!" Tails pointed to himself. "Fine!" Sonic turned his eyes back on the road. "Are you looking?" he asked. But before he could say the whole sentence Tails had said, 'yes' and ignored him again. "Y'know I don't get how much you hate me." Sonic said frustrated. Tails tried to tune out his voice. "I never said anything about your crazy ideas. I never threw a temper when you dragged me somewhere." Sonic kept going. Tails put his fingers in his ears but Sonic became gradually louder. But luckily for Tails he heard nothing but muffled screams. Suddenly Sonic's face dropped and he turned around to Tails who kept ignoring him. He waved his arms at him and shouted, "Tails!!!" "WHAT?!" Tails shouted at the top of his lungs. "Whuh?" but it was too late as the shot had hit Tails, flinging him off the bike. "Tails!" Sonic shouted and braked to turn around for his friend. Suddenly a whole group of bikers sorrounded Sonic and tazed him rendering him unconscious as they tied him up and loaded him onto the cat's bike. Tails got up and flew towards Sonic. But almost as fast as Sonic himself the bikers were gone. Tails noticed Sonic had dropped something, it was the map to Kranil's base. "He was telling the truth..., about the cat and everything... Oh no, Sonic." He took down the highway, 'I'll save you, Sonic!" he yelled and picked up speed.

"Hugh..? Where am I?" Sonic wondered as he regained consciousness. "Where you've wanted to be but couldn't make it to." a deep voice came from the shadows. Kranil stepped into the light, "Suprise, hedgehog." "I knew it! You are evil!" Sonic lunged towards him but soon realized he was tied to a chair. "Mm-m-mm! You're not going anywhere, Sonic. Unless..." "Unless what?!" Sonic growled. He grabbed Sonic's throat, "Unless, you tell me where the rest of the Emeralds are!" he shouted feriously. "Ach! I... don't...know.." Sonic tried to say from the short breaths he could take. Kranil released his throat. "Then how did you find... this?!" he revealed the silver Emerald. "Huh?! That's the Chaos Emerald I found!" Sonic said. "Yes.. and now it's mine!..." Kranil laughed. "Why would you want the Emeralds?!" Sonic demanded to know. "So I can be the richest man on this planet!" he said. "That's it? really evil plot... like rule the world? That's really it?" Sonic said dumbstruck. "Pretty much. Yes." Kranil shrugged, "Wait a minute, It IS a evil plot!!!" Kranil barked. "Right. You make Dr.Eggman sound like an evil genius!" Sonic laughed. "He is!" Kranil defended. "Wait? You know Eggman?" Sonic asked. "Yes! You dumb idiot! How else would I know everything about you?! What, did you think I'm some psychic bafoon from another planet?!" Kranil asked rhetorically. "You can never know." Sonic smiled and broke easily from his binds. "Huh?! Evalese! Get that hedgehog!!!" Kranil pointed to the zooming Sonic. "Yes, sir!" Evalese then chased after him. "You stay away from him!" Camry's voice came from the wall behind Kranil. She smashed a huge hole in the wall with her fists and glared at Kranil. "Kranil. My mom and dad gave you home, when you needed one! And this is how you thank them?!" Camry shouted. "Camry, I, I." "Shut-up! You make me sick!" Camry then punched Kranil into the opposite wall as she gestured to Tails, Crain, and a deep blue hedgehog with dreads. They all ran in the direction of Sonic and Evalese. "Give-it-up, hedgehog! I'm the fastest person around these parts! No-one can beat my speed!" Evalese smirked. "Except for me!" Camry's voice came from behind as she neared towards them. "Camry!" Sonic smiled. "I'm sorry for not believing you, Sonic! We all are!" Camry shouted. "It's okay! Just help me get out of here!" Sonic gave a thumbs-up. Camry did the same in return. "Up you go." Tails joked as he lifted Evalese off her feet and into the air. "Put me down, kid!" Evalese bit his hand. "Ow!" Tails screamed but kept a tight grip on her. "Put you down, okay." Tails dropped her as he flew over the edge. "Aggghhhh!" she screeched all her way down. "Okay. I think the kitty's learned her lesson, bring her back." Sonic shouted over to Tails. "Okay." Tails flew down and caught her. He planted her at the edge of the drop-off and she skidded backwards to safety. "So kitty-kat, do you wanna go for another dive or do you wanna tell us what you and your pal are doing?" he jabbed her in the chest. "Okay! Okay! I'll talk." Evalese said, "The big guy wants Kranil to help him rule both of our worlds, but what he really wants is the Emeralds. I overheard him talking about it when he forgot to shut-off his communicator one day." Evalese smirked. "Really? Sounds like Eggman." Sonic thought, "If you know that, then why are you still working with him when you know in the end the two of you will probably end up as his prisoners or slaves?" "Kranil gave me a family." Evalese looked at him. "A family? This isn't family? He's treating you like his pet!" Sonic shook his head. "No! He treats me well! With respect!" Evalese glared at him. "This is respect? Getting ordered around? That may be your defenition but it isn't mine. C'mon Evalese. Join our side. The good side. In return we give you a real family and real respect." Sonic held out his hand at her. She stared at it, then at him, then back at his hand. She slapped it away. "Naw! Kranil says living on the wild criminal side is much more pleasurable than the hero side... Hedgehog!" she crossed her arms. "You're just a kid! You wouldn't understand, sweetie." she started walking away. Sonic looked off at her confused. "Until again, Sonic the 'Kid'hog..." she smirked and turned back around as she disappeared into the darkness. "Hey, dude, are you okay?" the dark blue 'dreaded' hedgehog asked Sonic with relaxed concern. "Yeah, I'm fine." Sonic said, "Wait, who are you?" "I'm Tavares. Amanda's fiance'." he held out his hand. Sonic shook it, "Nice to meet yah, Tavares." "C'mon guys, before Kranil comes." Camry said and nodded at Crain who took her by her hands and glided through the air, starting for the castle. Sonic nodded to Tails who brought him up. "Aren't you coming back to the castle, Tavares?" Tails asked as he and Sonic turned back to him. "Yeah, but I'll take the road if you don't mind." Tavares waved away the offer. "I could help you." Sonic offered as well. "It's fine. Sonic. Around here, you're not the only one who can run fast." and with that Tavares was off, leaving only cluttered leaves in his path. Sonic stared, "Around here, you're not the only one who can run fast.", Tavares' voice echoed through Sonic's head. "Is it true? Am I stuck on a island full of possible rivals?" Sonic thought aloud. "Sonic?" Tails looked at him worried. "I'm fine, Tails. Let's go!" Sonic hid his concern. Tails took Sonic's hand and he took off towards the castle.

Chapter 7EditEdit

"Oh so you're Amanda.." Sonic said as he shook the hand of an presumably pregnant young woman giraffe. "Yes. It's nice to finally meet you, Sonic." Amanda nodded. "If I may ask, how many months?" Sonic asked. "Oh 1 month." Amanda smiled at Tavares as they locked lips in a kiss. "Oh hey, uh, Tavares. Can we talk for a moment?" Sonic rubbed his nose giving Tavares a weird stare. "Sure, dude." Tavares walked by Sonic into the Living Room, a place Sonic had visited numerable times. "Yo?" he asked as he sat down on the couch. "What exactly did you mean when you said, I'm 'not the only fast one around here'?" Sonic questioned. "Well. I think you've already found at that Evalese is a fast one, since she could catch up to you. Camry's shown you her speed which is very close to yours as well. And you've seen me run. I can't really think of anyone else right now who have the 'need for speed' so pretty much you know what I'm talking about." Tavares explained shrugging. "There are more?" Sonic pressed. "Yeah sure, lots more, I can't name 'em all 'cause half of them we don't know." Tavares said. "Can any of them go faster than the speed of sound?" Sonic asked. "Oh?! Speed of sound?! That's not possible!!!" Tavares laughed. Sonic perked up, "I can!" "What are you talking about?" Tavares said between laughs. "I can go faster than teh speed of sound!" Sonic repeated. "Haha! Right! You can, Sonic!" Tavares continued laughing as Sonic looked on at him with an annoyed look with his arms crossed. "Wait?.. You're not joking?" Tavares asked as he stared at Sonic. "No." Sonic said rather cross. "I don't believe it!" Tavares looked him up and down, suspicously. "I can! What can I say to-... Wait,... what can I do! That's it!" Sonic smiled. "Get the fastest person around here! I'll show you!" Sonic snapped

"Evalese!!! What have I told you about entering those stupid races!!" Kranil stomped his foot. "Now, I know I enter races. But I haven't since you said you would take away my jewels!" Evalese crossed her arms at him. "Then explain this!" he shoved a paper in her face. It was a news article. "Sonic the Hedgehog Challenges World-Champion 'Evalese the Cat' to a Huge' Race To Find Out Who's Fastest' , look Kranil, I'm not the one who wants to race it's that blue guy." Evalese pushed the paper back to him. "Well! Now you've gotta race 'cause the prize is a-"

"Chaos Emerald?!" Sonic said suprised, "Another one?" "It's gonna be an easy win for you, Sonic!" Tails said. "Yeah. Now I kinda feel bad for putting the kitty-cat through this. But it was her descision. And all bad descisions come with concequences, right?" Sonic laughed. "Right!" Tails agreed. They walked out into the backyard. "Look at that, Tails.. miles and miles of bright green grass just waiting to get treaded on." Sonic said. "I know. Camry's pretty fortunate, Sonic." Tails sighed. "Yeah, and we're fortunate for finding her." Sonic winked and gave a thumbs up. "Right!" Tails did the same. Suddenly a wave of wind blew over them and they crouched down to the ground to keep from blowing away. "Sonic! Sonic!" a female's voice was heard from above. It appeared it was a helicopter and as it flew closer to the duo the more they had to attempt to not blow away. "Sonic, how do feel about racing Evalese?" the reporter asked. "Turn off the helicopter!!!!" Sonic shouted. Tails clung to him around the waist to avoid getting thrown into the wind. Soon the mighty blades stopped and so did the chaos. "My many pardons Sonic, but can I trouble you for a quick interveiw?" the reporter asked. She was a dashingly attractive blonde-haired and blue-eyed lioness from what he could see. "Sure." Sonic shrugged. "How do you feel racing against Evalese the Cat, world-wide speed extraordinair?" reporter asked. "Confident. Kitty-cat better bring her running shoes, but even that won't beat me." he said with a smirk. "That's some strong words coming from a new-comer." reporter said,a hint of fear in her voice. "Yeah, well. I know Turtles faster than her." Sonic said. "Eheheh, are you sure, that's what you really want to say...?" reporter said with a lot of fear in her tone. "No! This, is what I want to say- may I?" he asked for the mic, "Evalese, get ready to get beaten by your future kind of speed, Sonic the 'Fully-grown'hog!" he smiled. "Well that's it folks! Very strong words from our, 'future speed king to be', Sonic the Hedgehog. That's it for now. Good-bye." reporter cut off. "Sonic! What did you do?!" reporter clutched his arm in frantic panic. "Wha-?" Sonic said suprised at this sudden change. "You just angered, Evalese! Queen of Speed! Do you know what happened when I thought I could beat her and rubbed it in her face?!" reporter swept the hair from her eyes as she talked. "Full body cast, plus a face remodel." reporter said. Sonic cringed slightly but hid it by replying, "I'm ready for anything that kitty-cat throws my way!" "Let's hope, Sonic. Let's hope." she put a hand on his shoulder then turned to the helicopter, ready to leave. "Good luck, Sonic." she waved as the helicopter took back to the sky and flew off. Tails walked back to Sonic, who was deep in thought.

"Welcome, Stingrayians and all to The Annual Challenge! Today we have newcomer Sonic the Hedgehog, who from unknown sources, has claimed to come from another world...? Thoughts on this, Stacy? The lioness reporter from yesterday came on screen. "Well I honestly think Sonic should wipe that smile off his face unless he really wants to get it." Stacy said rather sternly. "Oh really? Do you believe the hedgehog actually has a fighting chance?" the other reporter questioned. She was a dark-gray cat with seaphone green eyes. "If he takes my advice, then maybe." Stacy crossed her arms and glared at the camera. "What is she so worked up about? I mean, really, her, a racer? Yeah in those heels..." Sonic snickered. "I dunno Sonic, Evalese sure was the speeder when you aggravated her the other day. Don't you think you should ease it out a bit?" Tails suggested. "I'll be fine, Tails. Trust me." Sonic winked. "Sonic the Hedgehog and Evalese the Cat come down to the track please." announcer said over the overcome. "See yah later, Tails." Sonic waved and walked off. "It's Evalese then Sonic fool!!!" Evalese growled at the invisible voice. She stretched her arms and legs as she readied herself. "Peace, Kranil. Imma be right back with that Emerald in no time." Evalese waved. "Wait! I made this for you!" Kranil gave her a bracelet with a huge silver gem on it. "Uh, yeah, that was not in my jewelry box, thanks." she refused. "Just wear it! For good luck." his voice eased. "Alright. For you." she smiled and ran off.

Evalese met Sonic at the start line. She was in a running suit that was most likely fit for a teen. "Cover up the gut, kitty-cat, yuck!" Sonic winced. "Ha-ha! You're just jealous that I am more fashionable than you!" she stuck her nose high in the air. "Right. Let's just end this thing!" Sonic said. "I never agreed with you more." Evalese smirked. "Are you two ready?" Tails asked. "Sure enough, buddy." Sonic gave a thumbs up. "The kid's the referee?" Evalese asked as she turned her face into a sick look. "But he doesn't even know his 1,2,3's!" Tails' shoulders sank slightly. "Hey! Don't you insult Tails!" Sonic shouted defensivly. "Rawr. Cat-fight. Put away the claws 'speedy'. And put on some running shoes! The race is about to start!" Evalese pushed him. "It's fine, Sonic. So I take it you two are ready?" Tails asked again. "Yep." Sonic nodded. "Let's do this, hog!" Evalese added. "Okay!" Tails waved up at the announcer box. "Okay folks! We are now live at The Annual Challenge. Today once again if your just joining us is, Sonic the Hedgehog, newcomer from another world against Evalese the Cat."