Hello! Please follow the following rules for Role-Playing to make your wiki experience 10 times better.

  1. NO Cursing, As the founder I can't stand cussing, but if you feel the absolute need too please &!*!&!* do something like that(above)
  2. Please DO NOT speak like you're texting, If you're not aware what that means it means something like 'U r so crzy plz say mor' It get's annoying doesn't it?
  3. NO spamming links or words, quotes are excepted
  4. NO bashing other users, that's basically cyber-bullying and is NOT appreciated here
  5. NO bashing other user's religions, some user's may have different religions, and I don't mean you have to like it but you do have to respect it
  6. NO making characters COMPLETELY out of character, please, I cannot begin to explain to you how annoying it is when you make Sonic sound like a marty-stu or make Amy sound as a mary-sue
  7. NO Mary-sues or Marty-stu's, OMG Like That Is soooo annoying!! (SEE?!)