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Splash the Otter
File:196px-Hyper the Cat HYRO.pngFile:350px-IMG 20110904 123120.jpgFile:400px-IMG 20110911 110344.jpg
File:400px-Icey.jpgFile:450px-IMG 20110904 123055.jpgFile:Aurora Redesign.jpg
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File:IMG 20111111 171409.jpgFile:IMG 20111111 171425.jpgFile:IMG 20111111 171438.jpg
File:Lightning The Hedgehog 272.pngFile:MVSonic on April 03-12 by SonicDude.pngFile:MasterHeist.png
File:Metal Doom.pngFile:NoZoneDarkness.pngFile:Omar the Lynx.JPG
File:Sandra by sandratheporcupine-d4yj9g8.pngFile:Shadow2PS3.pngFile:Shadow2Xbox360.png
File:SonicUniversalLogo.pngFile:Sonic generations lineart by sonicwindartist-d3ep500.jpgFile:Splash Redesign.jpg
File:Splaurora Finale copy.jpgFile:SuperSonicR.pngFile:TheWarBegins.png
File:Tide.pngFile:Ultimate Stones.pngFile:WIP Sonic TheYingAndTheYang by SkyTheMoonWarrior (1).png

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