Holly the Fox is a 15-year old fox who first debuts in the game Shadow 2: Darkness Rising and Sonic Universal: The Islands of Time.


She was a 12-year old, playing around at Emerald Beach, when she went underwater and found aquatic ruins, filled with Air Bubbles and broken arrows. She found a switch, and pulled it. But she didn't know it'd activate the Badnik Creation Machine. She was being swarmed by Badniks, before she was saved by Tide the Echdnia. She swam back up to surface right after. She was set on meeting him again. But she had to leave Emerald Beach, and didn't return for another 3 years. But when she returned, she swam right down...

Holly The Fox (Sonic Universal)Edit

She debuts in Sonic Universal: The Islands of Time when Sonic tries to evacuate everyone from Christmas Island.