Darkness in the No-Zone Prizon Uniform

Darkness lived on a planet much like Mobius, but more high tech. His planet was very peaceful, and didn't have wars. Darkness was the most wanted on his planet for stealing many of the secret files from the biggest producers on his planet. His planet was invaded by a different species from another planet called the Comenent. The Comenent killed many people on his planet. Once most were dead, they went after the planet's version of Super Emeralds, the Ultimate Stones. Darkness knew where they were, so he went to where they were. He stole the Ultimate Stones before the Comenent, but they saw him as he left. Since they didn't get the Ultimate Stones, they blew up the planet. Darkness narrowly escaped, and saw the destruction of his planet. He was then detirmine to get more help to defeat the Comenent.

Darkness began his quest for help to defeat the Comenent right after the destruction of his planet. 2 1/2 years later, on his 13th birthday, he saw Earth. He had known about Earth because he read in freetime about other planets. Once he was on Eath, he looked for help. A few weeks later, Darkness saw Sonic running in a field. He asked Sonic if he could help him defeat the Comenent. Sonic said, "Sure! Why not! My friends might be able to help too!" Darkness said, "That'd be great!" Sonic then took Darkness to all his friends. Everyine agreed to helping him. After the agreement, may of then asked, "What are Comenent?" Darkness told them all about the Comenent and how they invade planets to get the most powerful items and that they might be coming to Earth soon. They then started to prepare for a Comenent attack.

Sonic UniversalEdit

He is one of the main characters in the series, first appearing in Sonic Universal: The Fight For Mobius, his original story still exists of his orgins, but he teams up with Sonic in a different way and his story after that is different. At the end of The Fight For Mobius, he falls off the Death Egg II, into the ocean. He does not die, but is critically injured. He is found at the end of Sonic Universal: The Master Heist, and turns into Super Darkness to fight Perfect Enerjak. After that, he currentally will lead the Mobotropolis Freedom Fighters through out the rest of the series.