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Sonic:Hey! A wiki about me!

Hyper:No It's a wiki about you, Tails, and everyone AND other people's fan characters.

Sonic:Hey, it says Central Sonic, which means it centers on me!

Hyper: -__- Anyone else here to witness me hurt Sonic? *glares at Sonic*

Darkness: I don't care. As long as I get to join in.

Sonic: I'm outta' here!

Darkness: Ultimate Control!

  • Sonic walks backwards because Ultimate Control can reverse time.

Darkness: Utimate Lance!

The PartiesEdit

Hyper: Well apparently no-one cares -_-

Sonic: You tend to '-_-' alot don't you?

Hyper: -_-

Sonic: See!

Hyper: Shut-up!

  • Tails enters*

Tails: Uhm, are we in the wrong room?

Sonic: No, wecome to the party.. T_T

Tails: Woo..?

Hyper: Hey Tails, did you happen to see anyone along your way up?

Tails: Uhm, well I did see----


Sonic: O_0 *runs to door* Lockthedoor! Lockthedoor! Lockthedoor! *locks door*

  • Darkness knocks on the door*

Darkness: Hey Sonic,if you're in there,could you tell me where Shadow is if you know?

Sonic: Uhm.., he was running around here somehwhere, I'd check the third floor, wait do we have a third floor?

Hyper: *sighs* Yes we do, THIS IS THE THIRD FLOOR!

Sonic: Sheesh, Okay then look around here then.

  • Darkness finds Shadow fighting Silver

Darkness: Shadow! Wait, where's Amy?

  • Darkness sees Knuckles walking up the stairs

Darkness: Hey Knuckles. Sonic locked the door so no one can get into the party.

Knuckles: Come on! I was looking forwards to Sonic chasing Amy out of the party even though he didn't invite her.

Darkness: Wait, how do you know how she wasn't invited?

Knuckles: I asked Amy if she got and invitation and she said she didn't so I showed her mine.

Sonic and Tails: YOU DID WHAT!


Hyper: You DO know we have to kill you now...

Darkness: Who? Me or Knuckles?

Hyper, Sonic, and Tails: Knuckles. *glares*

Knuckles: I'm outta here!

  • runs out of room*
  • Silver walks into the room*'

Silver: Iblis trigger!!!

Sonic: Not this again -_- *rolls eyes*

Blaze: Forgive Silver, he had a lot of root beer on Thanksgiving

Silver: *charges at Sonic*

Sonic: o_O You have gotta be kidding....

  • Shadow Chaos Controls into room*

Shadow: Look doctor, I can fly!

Sonic: *faints from randomness*

Hyper: This is starting to get outta hand

  • Blackness*
  • Everyone is sitting around having tea and tiny cakes*

Sonic: Another pour of tea, Blaze?

Blaze: I'd be delighted, Sonic.

Hyper: Okayz..., a little to normal...

Tails: Talk about it..

Darkness;Where'd Amy go?

Hyper: She never made it >:D

Sonic: You're the best

Hyper: Shut-up you're making me feel like a mary-sue.. -_-

Darkness: Anyone want Pizza? I'll go pick it up if you like.

Hyper: Yeah, make it meat-lovers though! I LOVE meat-lovers!

  • stares at Sonic, he looks like a steak to her*

Hyper: *licks lips* Rawwr!

Sonic: I'm outta here!!!

Darkness: Okay, I'm also getting myself a peperoni pizza. Anymore requests?

Tails: I think they're a little busy, just make sure you grab a hand-ful of peppermints for me ^^

Darkness: Bye, see ya when I get back. Ultimate.... Control!

  • Darkness is back 1 minute later.

Darkness: Here's the pizza Hyper and here's the pepermints you wanted Tails.

  • Sonic is still running from Hyper*

Sonic: Go eat the DANG pizza, Hyper!!!

Hyperz: *meow*

Sonic: Whew,.. just made it..

  • sits down exhausted*

Tails: Thanks Darkness! *pops one in mouth*

Darkness: You're welcome. And did we ever kill Knuckles?

Sonic: o_O Uhhh.. It was a figure of speech.. and he ran away anyways

Tails: Like a chicken with his head cut off

Sonic: That's kind of disturbing...

Tails: *thinks about it* Imma have nightmares for weeks...

Sonic: Deja vu...

Darkness: How was that a figure of speech?!

Hyper: You never fake-threatened someone?

Sonic: Man are you missing out.

Darkness: I'll kill you if you do that again Sonic.

Sonic: Yeesh, harsh...

Darkness: And that's why I don't do that, it makes them feel like I'm harsh. And I'm joking, I said that because I wanted you to be in place where the people you fake threat's position.

Sonic: Okay, lesson learned...

Tails: Live and Learn!!! *does awesome guitar move*

Darkness: After this, let's have a party at my house!

Everyone: Alright!

Sonic: Oh ee oh aww aww bing bang walla bing bang!

Shadow: No. Just. No.

Sonic: -_____-

  • The tea/pizza party ends.
  • Darkness leads them to his house.

Darkness: My place is just around the cornor.

  • His house is revealed to be a mansion.

Everyone: Wooh...

Sonic: *whistles*

  • Darkness gives them a tour of his house.
  • Darkness shows them his gaming room

Darkness: This is where I keep my gaming consoles. Sonic, I have all of the consoles you've been on and some other's that barly anyone know about, like the Nintendo Virtural Boy.

Sonic: I'm a game character?


  • BOOOM*
  • Whiteness*

The Universal PortalsEdit

Announcer: Welcome.... to Aperture Science!

Darkness: o_0 Let me out of here! I know how this ends! I've beat Portal 2! Wait, shouldn't that cause another time paradox?

Tails: How is it not?

Announcer: Time paradoxes have been disenabled.

Sonic: Great.

Hyper: Perfect... Now where are we gonna find a time paradox?

Tails: I'm with Darkness! LET US OUT OF HERE!

Sonic: Oh.. this is getting better T_T

Amy: Sonic!


Hyper: (trollface)

Announcer: The portal will open in 3...2....1!

Darkness look through the portal. He sees Hogwarts.

Darkness: Well Hogwarts is safer then here, so LETS GET OUT OF HERE!

Darkness: Is anyone coming?

Hyper: Guess we don't have a choice! Let's go!

  • we all go through the portal*

Darkness: Oh great, we're in the Battle Of Hogwarts.

Sonic: And this is bad because?

Darkness: Many people die.

Sonic: Oh.

Tails: I thought you said this place was safe! D: